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Michelle Warner
District Sales Representative
Cincinnatti, Ohio USA
NGO Partner: 
IntraHealth International
Assignment Location: 
Nairobi, Kenya
May – October 2013
Fellowship Title: 
Entrepreneurship Fellow
Fellow Biography: 

Michelle has been a sales representative for Pfizer since February 2004. In addition to her product portfolio responsibilities, she has also been involved with regional strategic projects in marketing. Since 2009, she has been increasingly involved in international volunteer programs, primarily to the Latin Americas, serving those who live without basic necessities.

These experiences will help Michelle as a Fellow with Intrahealth. In 2012-2013, Fellows with Intrahealth will support efforts to strengthen the financial capacity of local non-profit health care providers in Kenya.

The GHF program offers Michelle a unique opportunity to align her personal and professional passions and goals. She looks forward to gaining new perspectives on her business projects and anticipates enhancing her presentation skills by interacting with more diverse audiences and identifying new ways to solicit feedback.

IntraHealth has served the public health needs of developing countries for nearly 30 years. With an original focus on womenýs and childrenýs health, IntraHealthýs work has broadened to include innovative solutions in accessing basic health care and strengthening human resources for health and interventions for HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.